Hello there, welcome to my blog.

You won’t find anything too complex here; I love classic rock and metal, horror films, ghost stories and cars. I play my lovely PRS guitar and I do yoga.

I spend my time dreaming of all the things in the world I have neither the time nor money to do. Other than that you will find me hugging my vinyls, listening to said rock/metal, attempting to learn Swedish via the medium of Rosetta Stone and trying to stop my dog chewing through my socks. 🙂

I graduated with a degree in Medieval and Early Modern History, and have been going with the flow ever since. I still love history but have no plans anytime in this millennium or the next to teach, so I’ll stick to watching those documentaries featuring historians with crazy hair and knitted jumpers.


On second thoughts, let’s not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.


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